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Friday, February 11, 2011
BOW WOWS & MEOWS in the news!
Mood:  happy
Topic: BOW WOWS in the news!

GREAT NEWS! BOW WOWS & MEOWS has been in the news lately! Read all about it here:

In addition...stay tuned for the "Big Introduction" between Pugster (from BOW WOWS & MEOWS) and Oko Nono (the pug from the Super Bowl Doritos commercial) on Monday...Valentines Day! Tell all of your friends! You're gonna love it!!! Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!Laughing


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 1:14 AM EST
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Mood:  energetic

BLOWOUT SALE on Original Art!!! I'm having an ORIGINAL ART sale for a short time (until Monday, Feb. 7, 2011; 11:59 PM Eastern Time) to be exact that takes $250 OFF the normal $300 price!!! That's right...during this sale ORIGINAL ART is ONLY $50 per piece!!! If interested in owning "one-of-a kind" BOW WOWS & MEOWS original art please e-mail me at for the DISCOUNT CODE (to be applied at the store checkout). Thanks for all of the encouraging notes you've all sent, too! I'll do my best to keep cranking out funny BOW WOWS & MEOWS cartoons for you to enjoy! All the BEST!


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 6:43 PM EST
Sunday, January 16, 2011
E-BOOK version is NOW available!
Mood:  energetic

GREAT NEWS for the New Year!!! BOW WOWS & MEOWS® is NOW available in an E-BOOK version! And the price for either the DOG cartoon E-BOOK OR the CAT cartoon E-BOOK is ONLY $2.99 each! The E-BOOK can be downloaded to your Kindle® in "under a minute"! You can get a FREE Kindle® app for just about any smart phone or reader such as the Apple i-Phone and i-Pad, BlackBerry, Android, PC, etc. For the BOW WOWS & MEOWS® Paws-itively funny DOG cartoons - Vol. 1 E-BOOK please go here: . For the BOW WOWS & MEOWS® Purr-fectly funny CAT cartoons - Vol. 1 E-BOOK please go here: . Happy reading and I hope everyone's New Year is going GREAT! Keep on SMILIN'!


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 5:36 PM EST
Thursday, December 30, 2010
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hope everyone gets a smile from Friday's (Dec. 31) cartoon! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

Posted by Bruce Robinson at 9:51 PM EST
Thursday, December 23, 2010
Mood:  happy

Thanks to everyone for your e-mails of Holiday best wishes! I hope everyone likes Friday's (Dec. 24) cartoon! Time for me to go and wrap some more gifts. Best wishes to everybody for a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 10:43 PM EST
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
It's chilly in South Florida...but at least there's NO SNOW!
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: It's chilly in South Florida...but at least there's NO SNOW!

I can't believe it got below freezing in some parts of South Florida last night...but after seeing news clips of the weather in other parts of the country...I'm not complaining! I hope everyone likes Wednesday's (Dec. 15) cartoon. You see a lot of dogs with slogans on their T-Shirts these I thought this would be a funny take on that subject. Everyone be sure to pick up your copy of the NEW 2011 BOW WOWS & MEOWS® DOG or CAT calendars (while supplies last). They make GREAT gifts and they're ON SALE! For the DOG cartoons calendar please click on: and for the CAT cartoons calendar please click on: . They're GREAT gifts that last ALL YEAR LONG! Have a nice Wednesday, everyone! All the BEST!


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 9:44 PM EST
Thursday, December 9, 2010
THANKS for your kind e-mails!
Mood:  sharp
Topic: E-mails

THANKS to everyone for their kind e-mails! It is GREATLY appreciated! I recently started posting some COLOR BOW WOWS & MEOWS® cartoons on be sure to check out some 'toons on your I-Phone when you're on the road. Here's one to get you started... . Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Look for a NEW BOW WOWS & MEOWS® cartoon on Monday. You're REALLY gonna LOVE IT! Take care!


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 10:53 PM EST
Thursday, December 2, 2010
THANKS for your opinion!
Mood:  happy
Topic: THANKS for your opinion!

Many thanks to everyone over at the DOODLERS group (at for their votes on which cartoon they thought was the funniest (from the November ARCHIVES). Your votes are GREATLY appreciated! Most folks liked the "Cat or dog?" cartoon as well as the "Hey, it's all right - we're ALL afraid of vacuum cleaners." Hopefully everyone will like Friday's (Dec. 3) cartoon. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! All the BEST!


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 11:33 PM EST
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Mood:  happy
Topic: Tuesday's PRESS RELEASE

Hi everybody!

Did everyone see Tuesday's (Nov.30) PRESS RELEASE? It's all over the web! If you haven't seen can check it out here:

Please pass the above link around to your friends & family to get the word out about the PRINCE CHUNK FOUNDATION. Thanks!

I hope everyone likes Wednesday's cartoon (December 1). Feel free to send me an e-mail to let me know what YOUR favorite cartoon is from the November 2010 ARCHIVES ).

I hope everyone has a GREAT Wednesday! Only 2 days to go until the weekend! BEST WISHES!



Posted by Bruce Robinson at 11:50 PM EST
Thursday, November 25, 2010
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: After Thanksgiving

Hi everyone. I hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving! Is anyone getting up early to go shopping on Black Friday? If so, have some extra turkey so the Tryptophan will make you fall asleep faster. Wink I hope everyone had AT LEAST one slice of Pumpkin or Pecan pie...with WHIPPED CREAM on top! What GREAT desserts! And to top even that off, I had the BEST "Gourmet" Chocolate I've EVER HAD!!! It's UN-BELIEV-ABUL!!! You've GOTTA try some! I had my Webmaster put a link at the top of the November ARCHIVES page (at: ). Just look for Santa & the chocolate box! can get some of this MOST EXCELLENT GOURMET Chocolate by clicking here directly: ENJOY!!!Smile


Posted by Bruce Robinson at 10:53 PM EST

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